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Homeowner Vacuum

Professional power for homeowner use

  • SE 62

    A sleek and powerful wet/dry vacuum for use around the home or...
    DSRP: $169.95

Professional Vacuum

Enough power to get through the toughest cleaning tasks

  • SE 122

    A powerful and quiet wet/dry vacuum for a wide range of...
    DSRP: $349.95

Vacuum Accessories

A selection of kits improve vacuum cleaning performance

  • Car Cleaning Kit

    Clean the interior of your vehicle with this kit made for the STIHL...
    DSRP: $59.95
  • Heavy Dirt and Debris Cleaning Kit

    Outfit your SE 122 with this cleaning kit and say goodbye to heavy...
    DSRP: $69.95
  • Wet Suction Kit

    A wet suction kit made for the STIHL vacuum.
    DSRP: $79.95